Blind Barber Culver City

Blind Barber Culver City

With our many years of diligent bar hopping experience we’ve come to a general consensus that concept bars suck.  That being said, we never come so far to a conclusion that we don’t give any bar at least a fighting chance to satisfy our thirst.

Originally opened in New York, Blind Barber draws on the obvious concept of an old school barber shop.  However, the newly opened Blind Barber Culver City is way more kick-ass.  The front of the bar is not even a bar, in fact it is a literal barber shop fully equipped, dark, and with nothing but a lit candle to attract the unassuming.

While the drinks weren’t necessarily top notch, the grilled cheese menu is certainly something to come back for.  This is definitely hipster central but highly recommended for the atmosphere, vibe, and overall experience.  Grow out your ‘stache and stop by Urban Outfitters on your way home from work and you’ll fit right in with this place.




Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


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