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James Bond Drinks

Drinking With Bond, James Bond

There are brew guys, whiskey rye guys, guys who sip alcohol on the rocks and gentlemen who prefer something of a different class: champagne, wine, or specially prepared cocktails. James Bond is no ordinary man, he is a gentleman who orders his martinis shaken not stirred…right? 50 years, 6 different actors, X novels, 22 films, and countless luxury brand associations, Skyfall , the 23rd Bond film in the 007 franchise is finally suggesting “some things shouldn’t be shaken or stirred” when Bond takes a swig of his ice cold… Heineken…. Really?!? James Bond drinks Heineken! I suppose audiences shouldn’t really be surprised considering Bond’s Vodka of choice is Smirnoff, champagne: Bollinger, and Gin: Gordon’s suggesting no pretentious air about our favorite British Agent. Bond drinks a total of 317 alcoholic beverages throughout the novels averaging about one every seven pages and Perrier (used only to “improve a poor drink”) may be the only brand association I agree should touch this culturally refined character’s parched lips.

Bond’s Top 10 Go-To Beverages + Heineken for Good Measure:

  1. Vodka/Gin Martini (Smirinoff)
  2. Scotch Soda (21 mentions in the novels)
  3. Champagne (Bollinger totally 35 mentions)
  4. Red wine (Chateau Mouton Rothschild totaling 10 mentions)
  5. Vodka/Gin and Tonic (Gordon’s Gin)
  6. The “Vesper” (named after Bond Girl, Vesper Lynd)
  7. Mojito (exclusive to 2002’s Die Another Day)
  8. The Americano (Perrier is used to “improve this poor drink”)
  9. The Old Fashioned

10. The Stinger (His favorite to share with Tiffany in Diamonds are Forever paired with coffee an a touch of crème de menthe)

11. Heineken (featured in the 1st bond film, Dr. NO)


Make a “Vesper” Exactly How Bond Prescribes:

The Vesper named after the Bond girl, Vesper Lynd, in the book and later film “Casino Royale Claims to invent and only actually drinks in Casino Royale.

The recipe for the Vesper is dictated in chapter 7 as follows:

            ‘A dry Martini,’ he said. ‘One. In a deep champagne goblet.’ 
‘Oui, Monsieur.’  ‘Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large slice of lemon-  peel. Got it?’

3 Facts Only the Ultimate 007 Nerd Would Know:

  • Surprisingly Bond drinks more Champagne than any other alcoholic beverage. In both Ian Flemmings novels and all 22 Bond films more Champagne has a total of 35 mentions where as vodka has 22 and red wine 10.
  • Château Mouton Rothschild is Bond’s beloved Bordeaux.
  • Bond believes “expensive soda water is the cheapest way to improve a poor drink.”
Kay 'n Dave's Culver City

Kay ‘n Dave’s Culver City

We could write an essay long entry describing our happy hour adventures at Kay ‘n Daves Culver City, but we don’t remember anything.  That’s because everyday from 4pm-7pm Kay ‘n Dave’s serves $3 Drinks including: Tecate Drafts, Casadores Tequila, Sangria, and Margaritas, $1 Mini Tacos, and $3-5 Select Entrees.

There’s really not much more to say.  If you like great Mexican food, exceptional service, and getting your drink on any day of the week Kay ‘n Dave’s is a match made in heaven.







Bigfoot West Culver City

Bigfoot West Culver City

Culver City has for sometime now become a hotspot for some of the best bars and restaurants in Los Angeles.  We’ve recently come across another gem founded by the same owners of Oldfield’s Liquor Room (which happens to be located just a few doors down) – Bigfoot West Culver City.  Now if you’re any fan of lodge style bars accented with taxidermy and a genuine rustic appeal we highly recommend this place.  Good ol’ whisky and beer!

If you come during happy hour be sure to have a designated driver.  No joke, happy hour lasts from 5pm-9pm every night and the menu is full of classics like the Old Fashioned and Manhattans – all $5.  We’ve walked out tipsy a number of times for less than $30 and even got some authentic empanadas which they bring to your table hot and fresh from next door.

Quick tip: Come on Tuesday for Trivia night, win, and drinks are on the house!










Father's Office Culver City

Father’s Office Culver City

Its not often you come across a restaurant that’s so confident in their menu items they’ll explicitly state on their menu, “No substitutions.  No modifications.”  To be frank, Father’s Office Culver City makes the best burger we’ve ever had, period.  The Office Burger – not your typical burger.[yelpprofile id="fathers-office-los-angeles" align="right"]  Its tremendous and combinations of spicy arugula, blue cheese, and carmelized onions come together in perfect harmony.  Its truly an experience.

We usually come for burgers and beer but the other night we ventured into the daily specials and dessert.  We had to try the Sonoma Lamb Tartare served with the house made lavash.  

Having never tried lamb tartare before, this will be the new standard for comparison – the bar has been set high!  But what raised the bar even higher at our last Father’s Office experience was the Rice Krispie Bon Bons for dessert.  A crispy shell on the outside, vanilla ice cream with a Rice Krispie treat filled center.  Word of advice, take another order to go because you’ll be craving these the next day.

City Tavern Culver City

City Tavern Culver City

City Tavern Culver City offers one of the best California craft draft beers any restaurant has to offer. As Culver City natives we must tell you, we frequent this place quite often, and with over 22 beers to choose from there’s no reason we shouldn’t. They even offer sampler sizes (small glass pours) ranging from about $3-$5 so you can try a couple at a time. Our favorite is the Grand Cru (Belgian Dark Ale) made with chocolate malts-especially for Guinness lovers!

But if you’re really in the mood for drinking beer you’ll be pleased to know City Tavern Culver City is the first state approved restaurant to offer a computerized draft beer system at their booths. That’s right, you choose 3 craft beers on tap at your table. No shit guys, this place really runs the gamut.

Hand crafted cocktails really round this place out as far as we’re concerned. The S.O.B Manhattan has become our go to since Library Bar, Los Angeles stopped making Revolvers. You really can’t go wrong with Luxardo Cherry Liquor and bourbon.

Skylight Gardens Westwood

Skylight Gardens Westwood

Westwood will soon be home to a new authentic Italian dining experience.  Skylight Gardens Westwood, which will open March this year boasts an impressive selection of pastas including lamb ragu strozzapreti, and its signature lasagna dish – made from scratch.
Before dinner head over to the bar and enjoy a draft beer selection including Guinness Extra Cold, and our favorite Delirium Tremens.  Oh, and if beer isn’t your forte you can always make your way to the wine and cheese bar for delicious pairings and unique experience rarely found at Restaurants in Los Angeles.

Skylight Gardens Westwood 
1139 Glendon Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 824-1818