Drinking With Bond, James Bond

There are brew guys, whiskey rye guys, guys who sip alcohol on the rocks and gentlemen who prefer something of a different class: champagne, wine, or specially prepared cocktails. James Bond is no ordinary man, he is a gentleman who orders his martinis shaken not stirred…right? 50 years, 6 different actors, X novels, 22 films, […]

5 Bars In LA With Amazing Views

A toast, to the City of Angels! Los Angeles may not be the first city you think of when you think of amazing views but these 5 bars will give you a whole new understanding of LA’s offerings. We recommend viewing Los Angeles from up top, short of hoping on a helicopter these 5 restaurants […]

5 Ways to Make an Old Fashioned

We like to think the standard measure of drink quality at any bar is how well they make their Old Fashioned. Its a classic drink and therefore should adhere to “old fashioned” standards. It seems these days however that every mixologist has added his or her own twist, and the once classic cocktail has evolved […]

5 Happy Hours You Can’t Afford To Miss

Just about every restaurant and bar in LA offers happy hours – some worth the savings, some just down right disappointing, and some you’d be downright crazy to miss out on.  We’ve been around town a few times and collected 5 Happy Hours You Can’t Afford to Miss. 1.  Kay ‘N Dave’s in Culver City […]

Bigfoot West Culver City

Culver City has for sometime now become a hotspot for some of the best bars and restaurants in Los Angeles.  We’ve recently come across another gem founded by the same owners of Oldfield’s Liquor Room (which happens to be located just a few doors down) – Bigfoot West Culver City.  Now if you’re any fan […]

STK Los Angeles

Ever been to a steak house in Los Angeles that provokes feelings of primal instinct? A steak house that makes your mouth water as your eyes graze over the menu?  STK in Los Angeles is one of those. Although not always available the Wagyu is a marbled masterpiece.  If you’re anyone who loves steak this […]

First and Hope Los Angeles

First and Hope Los Angeles is a hidden gem located adjacent to the Los Angeles Music Center.  The vibe along with vibrant selection of handcrafted cocktails makes for a fine late night weeknight experience (at least in our opinion).  The menu is chock-full of American classics but if there’s one thing we’ll try at any […]

City Tavern Culver City

City Tavern Culver City offers one of the best California craft draft beers any restaurant has to offer. As Culver City natives we must tell you, we frequent this place quite often, and with over 22 beers to choose from there’s no reason we shouldn’t. They even offer sampler sizes (small glass pours) ranging from […]