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Father's Office Culver City

Father’s Office Culver City

Its not often you come across a restaurant that’s so confident in their menu items they’ll explicitly state on their menu, “No substitutions.  No modifications.”  To be frank, Father’s Office Culver City makes the best burger we’ve ever had, period.  The Office Burger – not your typical burger.[yelpprofile id="fathers-office-los-angeles" align="right"]  Its tremendous and combinations of spicy arugula, blue cheese, and carmelized onions come together in perfect harmony.  Its truly an experience.

We usually come for burgers and beer but the other night we ventured into the daily specials and dessert.  We had to try the Sonoma Lamb Tartare served with the house made lavash.  

Having never tried lamb tartare before, this will be the new standard for comparison – the bar has been set high!  But what raised the bar even higher at our last Father’s Office experience was the Rice Krispie Bon Bons for dessert.  A crispy shell on the outside, vanilla ice cream with a Rice Krispie treat filled center.  Word of advice, take another order to go because you’ll be craving these the next day.