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STK Los Angeles

STK Los Angeles

Ever been to a steak house in Los Angeles that provokes feelings of primal instinct? A steak house that makes your mouth water as your eyes graze over the menu?  STK in Los Angeles is one of those.

Although not always available the Wagyu is a marbled masterpiece.  If you’re anyone who loves steak this needs to be your first choice at STK in Los Angeles…along with the other eleven choices of cattle hide including the 26oz Cowboy Ribeye.  And be sure to add your choice of topping.  Topping?  Yes, topping like blue cheese, lobster, crab, foie fucking gras, shrimp and black truffles.

You definitely order some appetizers as well.  The Parmesan Truffle Fries deserve an honorable mention because they are that good.   However, the appetizer of the night goes to Foie Gras French Toast.  STK is clearly the spot to load up on the foie gras dishes while you still can – the ban begins July 1, 2012.

But what’s a great steak house without great drinks? Correct, nothing.  The B&B Dirty Martini was a truly pleasant surprise as we generally hound the bartenders to bring us blue cheese and olives so we can craft our own blue cheese olives for our martinis.  If you haven’t guessed yet the B&B stands for Belvedere and Blue Cheese-a fine drink for any martini lover!  For after dinner the Espresso martini is one for the books.  We’ve never had this drink made quite to our liking but this one really did it for us.  And, of course as with all the best restaurants in LA the cocktail menu includes a well made Manhattan.  Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan brought us back to the days when Library Bar in downtown LA used to make our beloved Revolvers (RIP).  Smooth, sweet, and delicious.